The BrainBOOST Learning Management System


The Ultimate Solution For Companies, Governments, Institutions & Corporate Trainers

BrainBOOST is a channel-based learning management cloud platform allowing organizations to deliver engaging subscription based, or pay-per-view, educational content to individuals & teams and then measure retention and understanding.

The BrainBOOST platform allows an organization to distribute content through independently managed channels.

For large conglomerates, these channels might be run by the various entities, or brands, under the corporate umbrella – each building their core curriculums and courses from a common set of lessons about company history, leadership, product lines, policies & procedures, etc and then adding brand-specific content unique to their end user.

Commercial content resellers can purchase 3rd party educational content and redistribute it to groups of users inside of specific channels. For example, a corporate trainer might build a library of 100 sales training courses and offer a subscription package to a car dealership, a real estate brokerage and an insurance company. Each “channel partner” would be assigned content specific to their industry and then manage local employee training, themselves.

Content resellers, such as health & safety consultants & corporate trainers, with national and regional distribution & reseller networks can package up complex arrays of local and 3rd party educational content – including audio, video & slide shows – and offer them as uniquely branded products through channel partners. These channels could be offered on a subscription basis or as individual pay-per-view products through the built-in Paypal gateway.

The BrainBOOST Platform offers a zero-infrastructure solution for both content hosts and trainees. There is nothing to download on either end. Everything can be accessed through everyday web browsers.

The BrainBOOST Platform integrates with Youtube and Vimeo so that you don’t have to host or deliver video content from your servers. Both Youtube3 and Vimeo offer features to protect your content so that it’s accessed only through your BrainBOOST channels.

Content can be delivered through video, slides and HTML text with embedded images. All three elements can be combined to provide an outstanding user experience for trainees.

There are four types of quizzes available:

  • • Multiple Choice;
  • • Drag & Drop;
  • • True & False; and
  • • Flashcards

Trainees can be evaluated for knowledge retention and understanding after each lesson as well as separately at the end of an entire course. Results can be measured nationally, regionally and at the team level.

The BrainBOOST Platform can be customized to your own brand’s specifications including headers, footers, colors and fonts.

Trainees can select a language-specific interface and content providers can selectively deliver language-specific content by region or team.

An example of the latter might be a manufacturer that needs to make French language content available to its sales team in Quebec City and English language content available to its sale team in Winnipeg.

The BrainBOOST Platform makes it easy for training directors and coordinators to monitor the progress of trainees throughout their learning experience, including measuring the results nationally, regionally and individually.

The BrainBOOST Platform can reduce costs associated with administering trainees from uploading trainee lists to automatically emailing out customized course certificates upon successful completion.




The entire user experience can be custom configured with your branding images, choice of fonts and colors.



Lessons can be developed once and repackaged in multiple course offerings.


Trainees have easy access to all available courses and lessons tracking what's complete and what's left to do.



Learning can be measured with 4 different quiz-styles. Course grading can be automated against minimum test scores with personalized course completion certificate delivery.



Trainees can be centrally managed and monitored across territories, regions and teams.


Trainees can manage their own profiles, password resets & lesson deadline extension requests.



All performance and progress statistics can be easily accessed via online reports & graphs, as well as downloaded for customized analysis.



BrainBOOST makes it easy to deliver content and manage trainee services anywhere in the world spanning territories, regions and sites such as corporate centres, branch offices and store locations.

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Yes, trainees can access course content from their smart phones, tablets and desktop browsers.

None. It’s all hosted in the cloud – there’s nothing for you to install or allocate storage resources for. You can begin configuring your education portal and delivering educational content within a couple of hours (depending on the depth of content, of course).

Once you have signed into BrainBOOST for the first time then the next step is to upload branding images and set your colors. Then, you create lessons by cutting and pasting your existing text-based content; import slide images; or link to Youtube/Vimeo content. Once you have your lessons in place then you group them into courses. You can send out course invitations to individual email addresses or upload a list in bulk. Once the trainee has completed the course then the system will automatically send out a branded certificate of completion based on a template image that you uploaded, previously.

Yes. It’s recommended that you create a separately branded portal for each language that you want to deliver content in. That way, all of your lessons and course content for a particular language are located in one place which makes it easier to manage. The trainees can set a language preference at their end with respects to the overall interface.

Yes. The BrainBOOST platform has an integrated PayPal feature that allows you to create “buttons” for each course that you can add to an e-commerce site or post on your website. Your customer presses the PayPal button, pays for the course and then automatically receives an invitation in their email. Once the course is completed then they will automatically receive a customized certificate of completion if you offer one.

BrainBOOST allows you to create a master library of lessons and recycle any number of them into any number of courses. Each department can be independently managed and adminsters as a “channel partner” with unique content flowing down to regional and local individuals and/or teams.

Most of BrainBOOSTs trainee administration is automated – from course invitations to sending out certificates of completion. It has an easy-to-use reporting system that helps a central administrator track who’s been invited to courses; who’s started courses; as well as lesson and course completions. All of these reports are available to national, regional and local program managers, as well, minimizing the pressure on top level training staff when it comes to orchestrating teams and individual training efforts.

BrainBOOST allows you to create lessons quickly from existing video content hosted on Youtube and Vimeo. Those lessons can be recycled and used repeatedly inside of multiple industry-specific course packages. Your customers are then given a certain number of passes to what ever courses you bundle together inside of a “channel” with which they assign trainees at their discretion. You can even filter the distribution of course content through a multi-tier program based on national, regional or local office locations.